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Sunday, Nov 29th 2020


St. Bakhita Children's Centre - (Limuru Subcounty,Kenya)

A rescue Centre for Orphaned children born with HIV. Family unit recreation fostering holistic growth, nutrition, hygiene and recreation for healthy development as well as supporting HAART treatment. In a family setting, this is where Christian values instilled, social skills learned, peer bonding & character formation child-friendly interventions. The children attend local public schools and join the local community for spiritual nourishment as well as integration. In time the intervention involves age appropriate approaches to Positive teen's issues such as ROPE (Rites of Passage Experience) a Tiplus program aimed at promoting life skills to adolescents' transition into teenage hood. This annual program run in conjunction with parishes within the Archdiocese of Nairobi, since 2011 has seen hundreds of young people attend summer camps where these training takes place.

Follow-up sessions take place each quarter break to reinforce familial and community bonding that helps our children start to see the outside picture through this highly energetic interactive group activities. It also widens the scope of perspective of the visiting teens, shaping their outlook towards the world. Oftentimes, it shapes their personal values as well.

Tiplus Divine Mercy Village - Sagana, Central Kenya

A work in progress, once completed, to become a vibrant transition program, working towards re-orienting the village children back into the society having acquired the necessary skills to thrive in the outside world.

These skills include GED level education, and technical & vocational training for the artistically inclined. The 10 acreage farm will provide the plunge board through hands on training on farming, animal & crop as entrepreneurship ventures for self-sustenance & economic empowerment. The graduates can confidently venture outside the guarded community in confidence and start their independent lives. We believe this is the missing link currently in institutionalized settings.

Teenagers Plus WA

Tiplus is now registered (2015) as a nonprofit organization in the state of Washington. its main goal is to establish partnerships geared towards raising funds for its local projects for Tiplus Kenya, encourage information exchange on issues of mutual interest with partners, and develop working dual relationships with individuals & organizations interested in building lasting relationships through cultural exchange, cottage industry trade & volunteer ship. Tiplus WA brings awareness about the plight of the vulnerable children from the global south advocating for dialogue across faith-based, human services & socioeconomic forums. The latter calls for social justice approaches as outlined in sustainable development goals (SDGs) and the faith based universal call for equitable distribution of resources in society. The USA as a major donor towards IMF and Global Fund, that funds initiatives aimed at eliminating major epidemics such HIV/ TB &Malaria with specific programs such as PEPFAR, its paramount for grass root organizations monitor ground activities funded by these initiatives as community gatekeepers, to ensure project effectiveness, and resources accountability. Teenagers Plus is at the fore front of youth policy advocacy for inclusion in leadership, processes & representation. Tiplus Washington therefore is the arm that oversees these formation, offering leadership training for young people living in diaspora, equipping them with transferable skills beneficial to their adoptive countries & implementable upon relocation back to Africa. The formation includes integrating African cultural values & practices aimed and enhancing their diaspora experiences.

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