Teenagers Plus Community Based Organization

Sunday, Nov 29th 2020


Accomplished projects

  • Water tank project
  • The center received a water tank with a capacity of 3,200 liters from the Chairman of the Swahili Community at Holy Spirit Church In Kent, Washington, Mr. Joseph Karanja.
  • House painting
  • Enrollment of children at local school, with full uniform, bags and stationery
  • Building of outside kitchen

Pending projects

Dairy Farming - is expected to boost the nutrition supplement for the children to support HAART and boost income for other expenses through sale of surplus products. We plan to start cattle & goat herd, utilizing green approaches such as composting & recycling. You can donate towards this Dairy project, we will even name your pet animal a name of your choice!

Repairs & Structure Rehabs

We are constantly rehabilitating spaces to suit the current needs of the Centre. Such spaces include storage, temporary workers housing & improvement of existing structures such as the kitchen, Bathrooms & animal sheds. One such project is the borehole in need of rehabilitation & purchase of a diesel-run pump to supply water to the Centre.

St. Bakhita Children Centre sits on a 3 acre piece of land, on renewable lease, upto August 2016 when it's due for re-negotiation. Our vision is to have laid the blue-print for Tiplus Village in Sagana ready by then, to begin working towards consolidating all aspects of the vision of having a village complex with all amenities in place. These will include familial quarters, workers housing, an educational complex, multipurpose hall, and office block, a retreat garden & a functional clinic offering basic services to the Centre, and the community at Large. This is our Vision for T-plus, having answered the Lords Calling. "Write the Vision Down, Inscribe it on Tablets, to be easily Read". Habbakuk 2:2


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