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Sunday, Nov 29th 2020


According to USAID KENYA Reports ((September 2013), it is estimated that 1.6M Kenyans are living with HIV and 1.1 million children are orphans due to AIDS deaths. As a whole more the report indicates 6% of the population is infected with HIV. The report further states this epidemic has hit specific groups and vulnerable children more seriously.  KAIS (Kenya Aids indicator survey 2012) Child Data Sheet indicates that there are 101,000 children living with HIV in Kenya.
Teenagers Plus popularly known as Tiplus, is a community based organization that supports children & Teenagers born & living with HIV, in Kenya & registered as a non-profit organization in WA State of USA.

To bring the issues of children & teenagers born & living with HIV to local, national & global discussion.

To ensure inclusion into policies and programing issues affecting children & Teens born & living with HIV through awareness, community education & advocacy at local, national & global forums.

Core values

  • Confidentiality
  • Integrity
  • Professional Support
  • Non-Discrimination
  • Holistic Support

Towards this last value of offering holistic support to the most vulnerable in our locality, Tiplus CBO opened a rescue center at Ngarariga in Limuru housing total orphans some of whom are born positives. Until then, they grew up at Nairobi Childrens’ home in lower Kabete; a  government run institution under Ministries of Home affairs & Children services.  Due to stretched resources and the caregiving requirements for children living with hiv including treatment support & proper nutrition vital to HAART treatment, as partners in the HIV response locally, the government approached us with a placement request for the children, hence St. Bakhita Children Centre, Limuru was born in 2013. We were however only able to admit the first children in 2014 after undertaking extensive renovation of the center that we now call ‘home’. 

"Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: care for the orphan." James 1:27

For the first time ever since these children were born, they now have a place to call home having lived in a facility set-up since being rescued from whenever they got abandoned. We also have a live-in ‘mother’ who stays with them offering the sturdy support necessary in child development.

The renovation of this facility took over 2 years and is still a work in progress having received no external funding to date relying on personal input by the executive directors’ monthly support of $500 towards the St.bakhitas’ program overheads while daily running depends on community donations in kind and volunteers for labor input. Now a 501-3c in Wa, USA, Teenagers plus’ mandate is run through the Board of Governors in both locations, collaborating towards achieving the vision started 13 years ago.

Tiplus (Teenagers Plus) now holds three projects in Kenya & the US one in its futuristic vison of a multi-purpose eco-village envisioned as a transition program of the children back to the community. Currently, this poses a challenge when orphans attain legal age without a system for integration back to the society. Without Learned social & life skills as they exit facilities, it poses the challenge of actively engaging in civic duties and may hinder personal growth ultimately becoming hindered in ways to fruitfully share skills while building interpersonal relationships. Tiplus Village of Divine Mercy -Sagana eco-village is envisioned to offer the children grown up at the orphanage a bridge support towards this process.

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