Teenagers Plus Community Based Organization

Wednesday, Jul 24th 2024


Program Specifics for (children/adolescents born with HIV)

We offer Psychological counseling to those infected guardians and family members.

Disclosure process to: - child, siblings and significant others

Support group for children, parents/guardians and their significant others.

Support group for children entails: - play therapy, food program, and debriefing process for the child siblings and family members.

Support for guardian/parents includes: - psychological counseling, crisis intervention, group therapy, empowerment program.

For holistic growth and character molding we offer integrated activities for these children by:

  1. Identifying and nurturing talents and skills through:- Involving them in sporting activities such as: swimming, soccer, athletics, basketball etc.
  2. Arts: - poetry, dancing, music, drama, martial arts etc

Teacher’s Program
T-plus has developed a teachers program aimed at creating awareness about the plight of HIV positive students and training the teachers basic HIV Counseling skills, Drugs literacy-ART/ARV’s, Nutrition in HIV (Children), Advocacy. They are also supplied with latest information on HIV for own education which they disseminate to the guardians in school community.

Feeding Program
Teenagers Plus partners closely with the national government through the local representatives which ensures through timely and accurate reporting, the organization receives food rations from the food security committee for onward dispatch to needy families, Orphaned and vulnerable children. The organization supplements the feeding program with own contribution from income generated from its IGA’s, to ensure those children on HAART benefit from nutritional support towards better adherence to their treatment.

Income Generating Activities
For program sustainability, Teenagers plus empowers guardians through training on entrepreneurship, bead making, fabric technology and voluntary savings and loans popularly known as ‘’ngumbato’’ which means ‘’to hold’’. The bead works produced are market through regional workshops and forums and some savings put into the VSL basket from which members can access loans for other utilities such as school fees, stationery and other necessities. Further collaboration is sought to finance the members ventures whose needs surpass the VSL program. Currently, 50 households are benefitting from this services and the future looks even brighter.

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