Teenagers Plus Community Based Organization

Sunday, Nov 29th 2020


St. Bakhita Centre depends on donations in kind and labor volunteer-ship. We are open to partnerships of mutual benefit to the children & vulnerable population and are looking out for innovative ways to utilize locally applicable approaches that will ensure long term sustainability of our mission. We see interventions that produce long term benefits for the Centre and the community at large. We recognize the need to promote practices whose benefits promote the global Sustainable Development Goals. This is based by the analogy that community challenges have a global ripple effect which creates need to actively address local issues as before they become a global crisis. Tiplus seeks out such practices which can be replicated elsewhere with adjustable variables specific to their geographical set-ups and presenting issues. We envision Tiplus Village of Mercy sagana to pioneer this roadmap. Like minded Partnerships will play a pivotal process in this endeavor. For its current programming at St. Bakhita , the cost of maintaining one child for a month is £36. Please donate to support 1 child

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